Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dolce... my furry princess!!

So everyone knows that I desperately wanted a little girl. Well... I finally got one... she just isn't human. Hahaha!! I told Neil I wanted a daughter or a purse dog.. SO... he bought me a toy Pomeranian. We named her Dolce and I ADORE her!! She has filled my girl fix.. for now... and I am always making her tutus and cute stuff. I can't wait for her hair to get a little longer so I can put bows on her head. Ha!! Weird you may say... well I am too girly not to have a girl. And now I do.. my DOGter! :)

Dolce Mama!!
Dolce and her tutu that Jaji made her. :)

Dolce's baseball tutu!

Allie, Carson, and Dolce.. they look like a little married couple with their newborn baby. Ha!!

Spring Break Adventures!!

What better way to spend Spring Break than having a playdate at a friend's house and going for a nature walk huh?? Well... when you are with the Fortenberry, Amaya, and Thompson families it can turn into a mystery!! So we took the kiddos walking on the creek behind Kirsten's house. Walk... walk... walking along... and what do we find??? BONES!!! Bones??? Yes... BONES!!! They were just cow bones... BUT... I had to make it a little more exciting. So I decided to have a creative writing lesson for our three 2nd graders and make it into a mystery. There was trash in the creek... must not be Eco club members... just sayin'. So I used the trash and the bones and turned it into an airplane crash, the survivors were trying to live off the land and couldn't last long. The we said the may have been dinosaurs from long ago. Can't remember all of the theories we came up with. Hhhmmm... far fetched... YES... did our boys totally get into it and start making their own predictions.. OF COURSE!! Never a dull moment. :) Side note... the boys took the bones home to show their dad's and what do they say??? Every one of them says.. Gross.. those things may have mites on them. Get them out of here!! Fun ruiners!!!
Cristian, Lance, and Cole posing before the big discovery!

Cole and Carson... not sure what that face is for. Hee hee.
The boys throwing sticks into the pond.
Woo Hoo.... "dinosaur" bones!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Carson's 4th Birthday!!

We celebrated Carson's birthday at home with our family and adopted family. We figured this would be the last year of inexpensive parties, so we should utilize that gift. :) Carson had a blast opening presents and playing with his "cousins". He had a cute Cars cake... because he LOVES cars!!

Carson, Allie, and Shiloh posing before they ripped into the presents. :)

Carson cheesin it up at Nana's with his gift.


His Cars cake.

About to blow out the candles!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Snow Day in Texas!! :)

An amazing event happened in Texas this year... we had a record level snow!! The boys LOVED playing in it. We even had a snow day at school. Of course, the day before the snow day I let Cole stay home because the last time it snowed I made him go to school and by the time he got home all of the snow had melted. I felt awful.. so this time I wasn't going to let him miss it. How was I suppose to know they would have a snow day the very next day??? Neil and the boys had snowball fights, made a couple of snowmen, and the boys ate snow. Yes.. they ate it!! Only white snow though. ;)

The front of the house.

Neil, Cole, Carson, and their 1st snowman.

Close up of the snowman.

2 wild and crazy guys....

Getting ready to eat their snowballs. :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mom Nights!!

I absolutely have the best friends EVER!!! We love getting together and just hanging out with each other. We usually do weekly lunches, monthly game nights, and spend MANY hours on the phone. :) Our monthly Bunco is always a guarantee to a good time. Love you girls!!

Carrie, Kaysee, and me posing for a pic. This was like the 5000th take!! LOL

Kirsten and Kaysee showing how horribly SELFISH they are!! ;)

DON'T ASK!!! At least Carrie looks cute!

Ashley was the biggest loser... she got her $5 back!!

I was the winner... winner... chicken dinner!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Santa 2009

I took the boys to see Santa at the new Allen Mall and they were hysterical. Cole has this extremely long list of expensive things that he wants... like a hanging flat screen TV. We get to Santa and Carson says: I can't shink of anyshing right now... and Cole says: any ole action figure will be just fine. WTH!?!?! Why does Santa get the cheap list??? ;)

Gaylord Texan ICE

Neil and I took the boys to the Gaylord Texan's ICE exhibit and it was AMAZING!! It was extremely hard to remember that everything there was made of solid ice! The boys had a blast. Of course, right when we walk in Carson tries to lick the ice... Yes.. he tried to LICK IT!! Gross! :/ Enjoy the pics... we sure had fun!

Yes... they LICKED the ice!!


Some of the ice sculptures.

Cole posing!

Another shot of the Grinch and Max.